Photographic Portfolio Of Arron Davies

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London Eye
Photo taken of the world renown or at least I think London eye. It was a very hot summers day so lighting was very good for this shot. This was taken while doing what us British do best, waiting in a queue..
Iceland Observatory
The incredible view from the observatory in Iceland, Since arriving in Iceland I ways felt a sense of being and belonging something I can't quite explain but may be something to do with my Celtic roots and the cold weather the south Wales valleys have to face from time to time
Bournemouth UK
Photos from a trip travelling around the south of England, on the trip I visited Bournemouth A beautiful city two hours south of London where I travelled from on this adventure.
Bryant Park New York
A photo taken in Bryan Park New York City In December 2016, where I stayed for New years. The pictures is looking down to Time Square from the park.
Castle Ring Road
Ring road around Caerphilly Castle South Wales
Quiet Motorway
Quiet motorway in east Liverpool Just outside Huyton on Roby
Liverpool Wheel
A photo taken at the Albert Dock Liverpool of the wheel next to the Liverpool echo area
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